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Why Is Wpc Door More and More Popular

Author: yiwanjia Time: 2018-08-09 17:32:31

At present, the market for a variety of indoor materials mixed, it is difficult for the public to fully understand, so the purchase is often unsatisfactory. As we all know, interior door is a very important part of our home decoration, so we need to be very careful about its material selection. In the present market, the heat of wood plastic door is getting higher and higher, and is popular with many consumers. So today, I will introduce the indoor door made of this new type of composite material. If you do not know the 2018 china wpc door, or do not know the advantages of it, then look at it quickly, how to do it A high quality wood plastic composited door(WPC

DOOR) is selected and purchased.

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First of all, let's first understand what wood plastic door is. In fact, its basic raw material is wood, but unlike solid wood doors, it uses a molding process. This process allows wood and plastics to have both the characteristics and properties of wood and plastics at the same time. So it is a new type of material that is comparable to traditional wooden doors and is very green and green. Of course, we do not need to worry about its quality. Generally, the production equipment used in wood plastic doors is relatively advanced, and it can guarantee product quality very well.

Secondly, let's take a look at the advantages of wood plastic door. (1), the quality of raw materials is good. Its basic material is very fine wood powder mixed with resin, and the ratio of the two is very strict, then through the screening, grinding and other processing steps, so the quality is very guaranteed. (2), green environmental protection. This is the most important factor that most consumers consider when choosing indoor doors, while the cheap price wpc door fits this requirement exactly. Because no matter whether its basic materials, or later processing and manufacturing, no glue is used, so there is no harmful substances such as formaldehyde. (3), waterproof, pest control. Compared with ordinary wood, wood plastic door wpc indoor door has the characteristics of plastic, so to a great extent, it improves the shortcomings of traditional wooden doors, especially in waterproofing and insect resistant moth. (4), the resistance to fire is good. It has to be said that the fire resistance of interior wpc doors is very high, and it does not help fire, so its safety is very high. (5), the effect of insulation and sound insulation is strong. Its door core material has a bubble inside, and evenly distributed, so the thermal conductivity is relatively low, so the natural insulation and sound insulation performance is very good. (6), and the decoration is strong. Due to the very large number of surface treatment technology of wood plastic door doors(It is popular inn israel wpc door), its appearance is not only diverse, but also beautiful, and very personal.


Of course, there must be shortcomings with the advantages. For wood plastic door, its scrap treatment is more difficult, because the material contains plastic ingredients after all, so it is not easy to handle. At the same time, the wood plastic indoor door has a very good flame retardancy, but once it reaches its burning point, it is more dangerous to burn, because it will release toxic gas, and the harm is more serious. In addition, it is a new building material, so the quality of some of the standard system is not complete, consumers in the purchase, must be more careful, as far as possible to recognize the big brand, so the quality and after-sales service of the wood plastic indoor door will be more secure.

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