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The Secrets of Avoidance Indoor Door Deformation and Measures

Author: yiwanjia Time: 2018-08-17 15:24:30

In the production process of the product, it is necessary to require the same thickness, type, moisture content and structure of the finishing material. Some small-brand interior pvc door factories use good materials on the front and low-priced materials on the back when they are processed.

plastic pvc door



(1) indoor door technology is unreasonable to cause deformation.


For example: the door can not immediately enter the next process after finishing the finishing material processing, on the one hand because the adhesive is not completely cured, on the other hand because the adhesive contains a large amount of moisture, these moisture does not spread evenly in the bonded material. For the products processed by hot pressing, the temperature is much higher than the ambient temperature, so it is necessary to balance the product temperature with the ambient temperature before the subsequent processing. This balancing process is called "Chen Hua" professionally. Hot pressing can be directly stacked after aging, can also be used to air the board device, can reduce the temperature of the door (included internal pvc door,interior wooden pvc door,wpc bathroom doors,wpc bedroom doors etc)in a relatively short time, to achieve product and environmental temperature balance, shorten the later aging time.



(2)Improper installation of indoor doors


The quality of wpc door wooden door installation directly affects the deformation of wooden doors in use. When installing wpc door and window , it is necessary to ensure the verticality of the door frame and the door, so that the center of gravity of the door is on the middle line of the thickness direction of the door, and to ensure that the door is flexible to open. In addition, it is recommended to install 3 hinges per diaphragm door. The hinges should be located at about 1/10 of the height of the upper and lower two hinges from the upper and lower of the door, and the middle one is on the middle side. Compared with the installation of two hinges per diaphragm door, although the cost will be increased, it can play a very good role in preventing or reducing the deformation of the door.


So when you buy a door or use a door, be careful and pay attention to door details.

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