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Advantages and Disadvantages of WPC door

Author: yiwanjia Time: 2019-01-27 17:25:04

Green environmental protection wood plastic door is made by mixing wood superfine powder with polymer resin under the conditions of high temperature, high pressure and vacuum, through molding process, without adding any glue in the production process, so it will not produce formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, trichloroethylene and other toxic and harmful substances, is a green Environmentally friendly new material.


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Advantages of WPC DOOR(wood plastic composited doors)


1, green environmental protection

2. Good insulation and sound insulation.

3, moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, pest control and so on.

4, durable and long service life.

5. Good fire and flame retardancy.

6. Wpc doors can be made in many different colors and models.

7, installation saves time and effort


The door sleeve of the wood-plastic door is connected with the door sleeve thread by a clamp, and does not need to be fixed by a gun nail or viscose. It is very time-saving, labor-saving and convenient to install.


The Disadvantages of WPC Doors (wood plastic composited doors)


1, intolerance to high temperature

2, the price is high.

Wood plastic door is a new green environmental protection material, its production is very limited, so its price in the market is more expensive than other wood doors..


Above is about the wood plastic compoaite door, wood plastic door advantages and disadvantages of the detailed introduction, I hope it can help you


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